Men’s Health Webinar – 23_12_07

Topics: STIs and associated sexual problems in men Presenter:  Dr Shalini Andrews Treating the couple (When TD/ED and Menopause collide) Presenter: Angela Gregory Chair: Trudy Hannington

Men’s Health Webinar – 24_01_16

Topics: Vasectomy Presenter:  Dr David Edwards Regional guidelines, primary care diagnosis & appropriate long-term prescribing of testosterone therapy Presenter: Dr Pat Wright Chair: Dr Angela Wright

Women’s Sexual Medicine Webinars – 24_01_22

Topics: Sexual Arousal Disorder Presenter:  Trudy Hannington Sex in Pregnancy & Post Partum Presenter: Dr Angela Wright Chair: Prof Geoff Hackett Registration link:

Men’s Health Webinar – 24_02_22

Topics: The Role of Opioids in TD Presenter:  Dr Janine David Managing Androgenic-Anabolic Steroid (AAS) users. Presenter: Prof Geoff Hackett Chair: Dr Pat Wright Registration form:

Women’s Sexual Medicine Webinars – 24_02_26

Topics: Breast Feeding Presenter: Dr Angela Wright Depression and Anxiety Presenter: Prof Mike Kirby Chair: Dr Susan Stillwell Registration form:

Men’s Health Webinar – 24_03_12

Topics: The Importance of Lifestyle in Men’s Health & sexual function Presenter:  Prof Mike Kirby Specialising in Men’s Health – What’s in it for me? The problem with men!! Presenter: Dr Angela Wright & Trudy Hannington Chair: Dr Jonny Coxon Registration form:

Women’s Sexual Medicine Webinars – 24_03_19

Topics: Female External Genital Disorders Presenter:  Dr Shalini Andrews Low Self Esteem and Obesity Presenter: Prof Mike Kirby Chair: Dr Angela Wright Registration Link:

Women’s Sexual Medicine Webinars – 24_04_10

Topics: Sexual Abuse Presenter:  Dr Remziye Kunelaki Systemic Approach to Sexual Dysfunction Presenter: Dr Angela Wright Chair: Dr Janine David Registration Link:

Men’s Health Webinar – 24_04_22

Topics: Managing Testosterone Deficiency (TD) in Primary Care Presenter:  Dr Janine David Management of psychogenic ED in primary care Presenter: Dr Angela Gregory & Trudy Hannington Chair: Prof Geoff Hackett Registration form: