Women’s Sexual Medicine Webinars

Topics: Top tips on facilitating comfortable intercourse Presenter:  Dr David Edwards Why learning about sex will make me a better clinician Presenter:  Dr Angela Wright Chair:  Prof Geoff Hackett Registration link - https://forms.gle/KWWyKTvGfQbASdnC6

Men’s Health Webinars

Topics: Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT)  CVD/T2DM Risk Presenter: Prof Mike Kirby Management of psychogenic ED in primary care Presenter: Angela Gregory & Trudy Hannington Chair: Dr Jonny Coxon Registration link - https://forms.gle/KWWyKTvGfQbASdnC6

Women’s Sexual Medicine Webinars

Topics: Contraception update Presenter: Dr Susan Stillwell Pelvic pain including endometriosis, vaginitis, vaginismus. Panel Discussion from the series Presenter:  Dr Shalini Andrews Chair:  Prof Mike Kirby Registration link - https://forms.gle/6GDuS3UAWCwzmZ4Q9

Webinar: Vaginal Bleeding

Topics: Vaginal Bleeding Presenter:  Dr Susan Stillwell Painful Sex Presenter: Dr David Edwards Chair: Prof Mike Kirby

Women’s Sexual Medicine Webinars – 2309

Topics: Why is Good Sexual Function Important Presenter:  Prof Mike Kirby Genito urinary syndrome of the menopause Presenter: Dr Louise Newson Chair: Dr David Edwards

Women’s Sexual Medicine Webinars – 23_11_08

Topics: What is new in Sexual Dysfunction in Women Presenter:  Prof Geoff Hackett Case study from the therapist Presenter: Angela Gregory Chair:  Dr Shalini Andrews

Men’s Health Webinar – 23_11_14

Topics: Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) CVD/T2DM Risk, What happens when you take testosterone away? Presenter:  Prof Mike Kirby COVID-19 and Men’s Health – What we know so far Presenter: Prof Geoff Hackett Chair: Dr Shalini Andrews President BSSM

Men’s Health Webinar – 23_11_30

Topics: LUTS/BPH/metabolic syndrome Presenter:  Prof Mike Kirby Premature Ejaculation & Orgasm Difficulties – Medical &Psychosexual approaches Presenter: Prof Geoff Hackett & Trudy Hannington Chair: Dr David Edwards

Women’s Sexual Medicine Webinars – 23_12_04

Topics: Sex for the Cancer Patient Presenter:  Dr Angela Wright Sex and the Older Couple Presenter: Prof Mike Kirby Chair: Trudy Hannington Registration Link: https://forms.gle/12oVPksW5dmNi3hz6